The most successful and unique fundraising event in the London restaurant world.

Peter Gordon, founder of Who’s Cooking Dinner?


Conditions of business for the auction:

  • Chefs agree to cook dinner for ten people in the home of the successful bidder.
  • In addition to the purchase price, the successful purchaser is responsible for the basic cost of food and wine for the dinner, and for extra staffing. It is up to the discretion of each chef whether any of the above costs are waived.
  • The purchaser’s home must be within Greater London (unless otherwise negotiated with the chef).
  • The dinner must be arranged at a time that is convenient for both host and chef – please avoid Christmas-time.
  • The successful purchaser will have the opportunity to discuss the menu with the chef.
  • The dinner must be arranged and executed within the same year of purchase (i.e the expiry date is the 31st December 2015).
  • Bidding syndicates are welcomed.
  • Bought lot – not transferable