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Sir Peter Blake’s Who’s Cooking Dinner? Collage

In full colour in the foreground of this classic piece of pop art by Sir Peter Blake, are this year’s Who’s Cooking Dinner? chefs along with the Founders of the event, Chris Corbin and Peter Gordon. Behind, in black and white are the leading chefs of the past, over-looking the present owners of their legacy, including…

Top Row from Left to Right:

Gaston Lenotre (World recognised Patissier, 2009). Eugenie (La Mere) Brazier (famous woman Chef from Lyon, 1977). Unknown Chef. Alexis Soyer (First French Celebrity Chef, Reform Club 1837). Alfred Prunier (Parisian Chef Restaurateur, his daughter opened Prunier’s, a fish restaurant in St James 1926). Rosa Lewis (Chef to King Edward V11, 1952). Fernand Point (Three * Michelin Chef, France 30-40’s, 1955). Marie-Antoine Careme (established Grand Cuisine in 18th century, 1833).

Second Row from top. Left to Right:

Bernard Loiseau ( Three* French Michelin Chef who committed suicide 2003, when rumoured he would lose a star). Marcel Boulestin (Chef Restaurateur, famous London restaurant Boulestin, 1927). Marc Veyrat (Rebellious French Haute-Savoir three* Michelin Chef, famous for using mountain herbs, 2015). Peter Langan ( Famous 70’s Irish Chef, Restaurateur with outrageous reputation for his behaviour, 1988. CJC worked for him in late 70’s). Joseph Favre( Swiss Chef who wrote Dictionnaire universel de cuisine pratique, 1903). Roger Verger (Three* Michelin French 2015). Chef Hercules ( Slave who became Chef to George Washington USA).

Third Row from top Left to Right:

Rose Grey (Chef partner of Ruthie Rogers, River Café, contributed many times to WCD? died 2010). Charles Barrier (Three* Michelin French Chef 2009). Fannie Farmer (American culinary expert and food writer, 1915). Paul Prudhomme (American celebrity chef whose specialties were Creole and Cajun cuisines, 2015). Nick Gill (AA Gill’s brother was set to be the greatest celebrity chef of them all, disappeared in 1998 not to be seen since?). Unknown Chef.

Last Row of ghosts. Left to Right:

Classic Pastry Chef photo portrait 1928 (August Sander photographer). Portrait of Chef de L’Hotel Chatham 1921 (Sir William Orpen). Portrait Spanish Chef. Pierre Larousse (Founder of dictionaries including, Larousse Gastronomique, the Bible of French Cuisine, 1875). Auguste Escoffier (King of Chefs and Chef to Kings, Chef at Savoy Hotel and Ritz Hotel London. Wrote Le Repertoire de la Cuisine,1914, hugely influential classification of classic dishes).

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