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Eat Travel Live Magazine catch up with Peter Gordon


Growing up with simple food in New Zealand Peter’s passion for world flavours was ignited in Australia. “I went to Melbourne for university when I was 18 and suddenly there was Vietnamese, Burmese, Ethiopian and Italian foods. I mean I didn’t know that spaghetti didn’t come in a can until I went to Australia. Instead of investigating all of those cuisines to try and work out what they were all for, I just threw it altogether and made dishes. The fusion thing was really me being like a kid in a toy shop with lots of ingredients and having fun.”

Peter-Gordon Peter’s approach to learning about new ingredients comes from his travels and tireless experimentation. “I’ve been pretty much all round the world except South America and I’ve seen what people will do with those ingredients. But I tend to look at food differently, instead of thinking, ‘well this is what you do with it and that’s the only way,’ I think ‘I wonder what else you can do with it?’

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Written by Hannah Thompson for Eat Travel Live magazine – recipes, travel and loads more.

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